Enrolled Students

The Office of Enrolled Students coordinates registration, academic record-keeping and degree conferral for programs in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.  The Graduate School’s Registrar works closely with departmental administrators, directors of graduate studies and the assistant dean to address particular circumstances regarding a student’s enrollment.  Students are encouraged to initiate requests for information or approval processes through their respective departments.

Eligibility to Enroll

In order to be considered a full-time student in good standing, students are required to register by the stated deadline each term and to make timely progress towards all Graduate School and departmental degree requirements as stated in the Graduate Record.  At a minimum, students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 and achieve ratings of B- or better in graded courses.  All requirements must be completed by the fifth year of study toward the master’s degree and by the seventh year of study for the doctoral degree.  Unsatisfactory performance during a given semester may be considered sufficient reason for a student to be placed on academic probation or asked to leave a program.

Transfer Credit and Advanced Standing

The transfer of credits earned prior to enrolling at the University of Virginia must be proposed by the director of graduate studies to the Graduate School Registrar during the student's first term of enrollment via the requisite form and accompanied by official transcripts from the credit-granting institution. No transfer credit will be awarded towards a master’s degree.  With the approval of the supervising department and the assistant dean, a student may transfer up to 24 credit hours of coursework earned in another graduate program toward the 72-hour doctoral requirement. In any case, at least 18 graded course credits applied toward the degree must have been earned at the University of Virginia.  The transfer of nine credits or more will advance the student's year of study by one term, and the transfer of 21 credits or more will advance the student's year of study by two terms.