Interdisciplinary Doctoral Fellowship

The Graduate School of Arts & Sciences at the University of Virginia is accepting applications to join the Fall 2022 cohort of Interdisciplinary Doctoral Fellows.

Interdisciplinary Doctoral Fellows are admitted to a PhD program in a specific discipline and affiliate with a faculty research cluster that provides additional training and mentoring across disciplines. 

Benefits afforded by the fellowship include:

  • A five-year, $6,000 annual fellowship enhancement,
  • Membership in a research collaborative led by faculty from multiple disciplines, and
  • Enhanced research support and professional development at all stages of doctoral study.

By bringing their research interests into dialogue with those of faculty and students in related fields, fellows will have access to a broadened intellectual community and the perspective from which to formulate highly innovative dissertation topics.


Linked from this page are detailed descriptions of the research and mentoring plans for the interdisciplinary clusters that are featured this admission season.  Applicants are encouraged to review these materials and contact the faculty sponsors for a given research cluster to obtain further information and discuss their research interests.

Application Procedure

Applicants who wish to be considered for an Interdisciplinary Doctoral Fellowship and affiliation with a particular research cluster will have the opportunity to upload an additional statement of interest within the PhD program application interface.  Please note that expressing interest in a research cluster does not increase an applicant’s competitiveness for admission to a PhD program.  Fellowships will be awarded to a select number of admitted doctoral students who exhibit strong potential to benefit from the activities of the research cluster.