A Sea Change for the Eastern Shore

Researchers from the Department of Environmental Sciences and other A&S initiatives are bringing new hope to endangered coastal communities.

Photo of Phoebe Cook

Insect Research Leads Biologist to New Insight into the Value of Social Networks

When the challenges of life as a graduate student got to be too much, Phoebe Cook, who studies the social lives of insects, set out to build a better support network for herself and for others.

Tim Ware

Research Could Lead to Better Forms of Pain Management

All pain medications have side effects. Take too much aspirin, ibuprofen or acetaminophen, or take highly addictive opioids like oxycodone, codeine or morphine for too long, and the problems they create can become far worse than the ones they were intended to solve.

Photo of a bee pollinating

Making UVA Grounds Pollinator-Friendly

Emily Spindler and Kelsey Schoenemann, graduate students in the University of Virginia’s environmental science department, developed Bee Grounds UVA, a working group within the environmental stewardship subcommittee of UVA Sustainability.

Photo of Kelsie Wentz, PhD

Persistence is a Key Ingredient in Chemistry Grad’s Formula for Success

Kelsie Wentz’s dream has always been to have a career in the sciences. This spring she will graduate from the University of Virginia’s Graduate School of Arts & Sciences with a Ph.D. from the Department of Chemistry and her pick of post-doctoral research opportunities.

Reclamation. Detail from painting by Sally Binard. The 2019 UVA conference, “Coasts in Crisis: Art and Conversation in the Aftermath of Hurricanes,” featured several Caribbean artists.

UVA Expands Graduate Programs in Africana and Caribbean Studies

The Caribbean islands are, for many, an idealized vacation spot. For scholars who study the region, it is a place of important history and flourishing arts that has much to show its neighbors and past conquerors, as well as a region that has often been misunderstood because of its struggles.