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Registration Procedures

Auditing Courses

To take a course as an audit, please use this form.  Audited courses do not count toward full-time enrollment and may be charged tuition.

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Course Credit Overloads

If a student seeks to enroll in more than sixteen credits (regardless of the grading option), the student's Director of Graduate Studies must petition the Graduate School by sending an e-mail GSAS Registrar ([email protected]).  The email should also include the course mnemonic and number, five-digit class id, the student's name and SIS ID, and the total number of credits for which the student wishes to enroll that term.  If the Graduate School approves the request, the GSAS Registrar will add the course to the student’s enrollment.

Time Conflicts

In order to enroll in two courses with overlapping schedules, the student must obtain approval from the instructors of both courses. The student will then enroll in one of the courses via SIS and submit the GSAS Course Action Form signed by the instructor for the second course.  If approved, the GSAS Registrar will enroll the student in the second course.

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Post Add/Drop Schedule Changes

Revisions to a student's schedule after the drop/add deadline must be requested on a GSAS Course Action Form.   Any revisions to a student’s registration record, including a change of grading option, that are requested after the deadline for dropping a course require the approval of the Associate Director of Student Enrollment and Engagement ([email protected]).

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Course Withdrawal

A student who wishes to withdraw from a course after add/drop has closed may do so through the first eight weeks of the term using this form. A grade of “W” will be recorded for this course on the student’s transcript.  Students may be required to add non-topical credits to remain enrolled full-time (for master's degree students this will result in added tuition charges), in which case the student must also submit GSAS Course Action Form

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Affiliated Status (Doctoral/Thesis Completion)

An advanced student who is actively completing a dissertation/thesis may petition for Doctoral/Thesis Completion status by submitting the form.  Students on affiliated status are not eligible to return to full-time study in a degree program. Students may request up to four (two for the master’s degree) consecutive terms (summer terms do not count toward this total). This status provides continued NetBadge computer system privileges, including access to UVA e-mail and electronic library resources but does not defer student loans or provide access to healthcare. International students should contact the International Studies Office before petitioning for this status to determine what effect it may have on their eligibility to maintain a visa. A fee of $211.00 will be charged for each term of enrollment.

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Degree Conferral in Absentia

Students who have withdrawn or ceased full-time enrollment may petition for Degree Conferral in Absentia to receive their degree. Students may petition for this status after having defended their dissertation or thesis via e-mail to their Director of Graduate Studies. The DGS will then approve this request to the graduate school.  A final exam form should be submitted along with this approval.  This status must be requested 15 days before the due date for graduation materials.  A fee of $211.00 will be charged for enrollment.