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Academic Accommodation for Graduate Students Who Experience Significant Life EventsPROV-027

The University is committed to supporting graduate and professional students as they seek to complete their degree programs. This policy defines eligibility for graduate and professional students who experience significant life events to receive extensions to time-to-degree limits

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Graduate Assistantships: PROV-001: Graduate Assistantships

To provide an opportunity for graduate students to gain teaching and research experience as part of their graduate education, the University has defined different types of graduate assistantships. This policy specifies the qualifications for appointment and the conditions under which tuition remission and tuition adjustment may be awarded in conjunction with a qualified graduate assistantship.

Information about the following can be found here: PROV-001: Graduate Assistantships

  1. Types of Assistantships
    1. Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs)
    2. Graduate Research Assistants (GRAs)
  2. Qualifications
  3. Supervisory Responsibilities of the Institution
  4. Appointment Restrictions
  5. Notice of Reappointment
  6. Qualified Assistantships and Tuition Remission
    1. Tuition Remission and Multiple Sources of Pay
    2. Tuition Adjustment
  7. Health Insurance Subsidy
  8. Grievances

External Award Policy: Policy

Graduate students are strongly encouraged and supported in their efforts to identify and pursue funding opportunities that will supplement their living support from the Graduate School, advance their research goals and distinguish them professionally.

As outlined in the Graduate School's policy regarding external awards, doctoral students may combine financial support awarded upon admission with funds awarded by agencies outside of the University to increase their overall living support, reduce their teaching duties and, in some circumstances, extend their guaranteed support into a sixth year. 

Enrollment & Registration Policies: Graduate Record

  • Academic Regulations
  • Admissions
  • Degree Requirements
  • Financial Assistance

Office for Equal Opportunity and Civil Rights: Policies

Parental Leave Policy: PROV-028

Recognizing the need for graduate students to fulfill parental obligations, this policy defines eligibility and accommodations available to graduate students who experience a Parental Accommodation Event while appointed as a graduate teaching assistant (GTA) or graduate research assistant (GRA).